Who we are

Dedicated to saving lives with free rail safety education presentations in the community

National Rail Safety Alliance, Inc. is a nonprofit, cooperative of rail safety state programs whose beginnings date back to 1972 and includes Idaho Operation Lifesaver, Nevada Operation Lifesaver, and Utah Operation Lifesaver.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Save lives at railroad grade crossings and on railroad property through public education and awareness.


Provide the public and safety advocates an independent and experienced voice for rail safety education and awareness to eliminate preventable incidents at railroad crossings and tracks.

Core Values

  1. Collaboration – Operating from a shared vision, we seek input and communicate honestly and transparently with the public, safety partners, and volunteers.
  2. Dedication – Our trained volunteers are devoted and passionate about delivering rail safety messages to all audiences.
  3. Integrity – We are dedicated to a high standard of excellence and ethical conduct

Board of Directors

National Rail Safety Alliance Board of Directors consists of six representatives from the three state rail safety programs. It includes the Chair of each Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the three State Operation Lifesaver programs.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization. It is responsible for determining our overall mission, vision, and core values as well as the cooperative’s priorities and direction. Current members of the Board include:

Richard Gent

Nevada Operation Lifesaver Executive Director

Sheldon Shaw

Utah Operation Lifesaver Board Chair

Brent Jennings

Idaho Operation Lifesaver Board Chair

Tim Johnson

Idaho Operation Lifesaver Executive Director

Vern Keeslar

Utah Operation Lifesaver Executive Director

Natasha Morford

Nevada Operation Lifesaver Board Chair

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